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We always fix the financial, marketing, process and product issues. Beyond that, people suffering extreme owner burnout find new satisfaction and joy in their business, it’s amazing how differently you feel about your business when things are going really well! When you are not worried about money and/or the future, life is a lot more fun!

I am passionate about business, and how to make them successful. The product or service is generally my client’s passion, my passion is fixing the mechanics of the business to make it excel. If it is not making money and growing it drives me crazy, and I have to fix it!
Spark Centre was set up in 2010 as one of many Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) across the province. Alongside the other RICs across Ontario, we provide resources and on the ground commercialization and services to innovative and technology-based entrepreneurs and businesses. We serve technology and innovation entrepreneurs who require knowledge and support to launch, develop and grow. In order to be a client at the Spark Centre your business needs to be under five years incorporated, and you must be making less than 1 million dollars annually in revenue. Your product or service must be innovative; it must be creating something new or improving an existing product or service. It must also have some level of technology; such as breakthrough research, ICT devices, or products or services based on the internet.
If you are an existing women owned business looking to grow, scale-up, or expand, then you might be a perfect fit for one of our BizCamps. Businesses may have difficulty moving their business to the next level and this program is designed to help businesses increase and capitalize on market opportunities to grow and expand. The purpose is to assist businesses to expand into new markets. Certain programs are region restricted so please check with your Business Advisor before signing up.
The mission for WE-CAN is to inspire and empower existing and aspiring women-identifying entrepreneurs, through the provision of tools, resources, expert mentors, networks and building of community, to expand existing businesses and to launch new ventures.
Launch Lab is a Regional Innovation Centre and member of the Ontario Business Support Network, a provincially-funded network of resources for entrepreneurs. As a RIC, our regional boundaries consist of most of southeastern Ontario (Trenton, down to Picton, over to Cornwall, and back up and around through Smiths Falls and Bancroft). Our head office is in Kingston at Seaway Coworking, but our team of Entrepreneurs In Residence operate throughout the region. We work with tech-based businesses that have innovative technology or idea and a variety of new startups and existing businesses that are experiencing challenges and looking to grow. Our purpose is to foster entrepreneurship and the commercialization of innovations to help build globally competitive companies in Eastern Ontario.
Queen’s University’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) supports the Research Portfolio’s mission to be an essential catalyst for advancing research and knowledge mobilization, strengthening Queen’s local, national and global impact.
We deliver results through intensive mentorship and access to our network of top investors, expert advisors, talent and prospective partners and customers.
The Canada Comeback Challenge is a way for students to connect with employers and mentors, build their networks, and add valuable experience to their resumes, all while contributing to Canada’s COVID-19 recovery.

Client Success Stories

Judith Pineault's Approach

My clients come to me with a seed of dissatisfaction. Maybe the business is not profitable, maybe it is in a legacy industry, and sometimes it is an inability to scale or lack of clear progress. Often it is a miss-match between the service/product and the go-to-market strategy. Perhaps they are looking at a critical transition, acquiring a new enterprise, or need tips or a strategy for selling their business in Canada’s market. We start with a 360° review of the business; product/service (do people want to buy it), go-to-market (is it working), what are the business processes (do they exist and do they support fulfilment), what is the financial model (does it make money and is it sustainable).

We complete a rigorous business analysis, comprehensive business development strategy, process review and financial model. We create a three-year plan including financial, business development, operational goals and KPIs. I am really good at numbers, marketing and process, but just as important is a holistic, empathetic approach that creates a partnership to support the entrepreneur’s business and life goals. I help take the ‘lonely’ out of the entrepreneurial journey!

Morgan Lehtinen

Founder CEO Micellotech (Cleantech)

Judith has been instrumental to Micellotech’s progress over the last 6 months through her mentorship as part of WE CAN’s PropelHER program. Through our work together, Judith has provided us with unparalleled support spanning customer discovery to intellectual property strategy to developing our go-to market strategy. Her ability to translate complex business strategies into tactical steps and provide answers to detailed questions, in many situations before I had even synthesized the question in the first place, has been extremely influential on our early-stage business and my development as a founder. In every interaction, her passion for supporting entrepreneurs shines through and we are very grateful to have her in our corner. I would highly recommend businesses of all stages to seek Judith’s expertise as the learnings we have gained will be utilized for years to come.

Micellotech custom filtration solutions for a clean water future

Brooke Woboditsch

President CCS (Social Enterprise)

Working with Judith has been a profound experience. Judith is the first female mentor I’ve worked with and I have since gained confidence in my abilities as a CEO. Judith has helped me fill in knowledge gaps, validate major decisions, and has lent an enthusiastic ear to new ideas. Judith brings a wealth of knowledge as well as connections with other leaders and has become a great friend. I highly recommend her!

CCS is an Industry-leading, professional grade broadcast and online accessibility services.

Michelle Deschenes

President Ace Nutrition (Health Services)

Judith keeps me laser focused on my goals. With consistent accountability, and Judith’s ongoing guidance and coaching, my business continues to grow and scale.

Ace Nutrition delivering personal and corporate nutrition and diet solutions

Margaret Eberle

COO QC Integrated (MedTech)

Judith’s perspective has been kind, direct and honest, your patience when I struggle has been amazing and your confidence has been both energizing and reassuring. I am grateful for your mentorship.

QC Integrated can perform compliance testing on your behalf to the ANSI/AAMI EC12:2000/(R)2020 and ANSI/AAMI/IEC 60601-2-4:2018 standards.

Leah Riddell

President SignAble Vi5ion Inc (Social Enterprise)

Judith helped me define what success means to me with the understanding that it will evolve over time. She redirected me to reclaim my control pivoting online during the pandemic when work life balance was all over the map. Her objective support has provided me with a strong network of behind-the-scenes supporters to grow. Judith understood the battles of inaccessibility I faced and it helped me reframe society’s views about inclusive communication. You wont regret having her guide you, I am most grateful for her wisdom.

SignAble Vi5ion Inc, Access for all, Everyone Wins

Victoria & Paula Watts

Paula and Victoria co-founders, Pasta Tavola Inc. (National Brand Frozen Foods)

We have had the pleasure and honour of working with Judith Pineault as C-suite entrepreneurs through the Queen’s University WeCAN project. Judith is a passionate entrepreneur with extensive experience in all aspects of building and managing a business and navigating companies through challenging times. Her business and financial acumen as well as her ongoing leadership and mentorship has been invaluable, not only to the growth of our company but also to our growth as entrepreneurs. Judith exemplifies entrepreneurship at its best. She is generous with her time and networks, she is intellectually astute in all business matters and she understands the type of support required to get you and your business moving forward. She brings the best out of her clients and it is our fortune to have worked with her!

Natural artisinal pasta and sauces. Crafted using local Ontario and Canadian ingridients.

Ana Mandri

CEO Zamia Media Canada Inc (B Corp)

You don’t know you need a mentor until Judith is in your corner. She is smart, experienced, empathic and well connected. She puts all of her capacities and talents to help you and your business grow. She is just amazing! I am a newcomer to Canada, and working with Judith has been a milestone in my business journey.

Zamia Media, supports the design, implementation and delivery of impactful social and behavior change and community engagement campaigns globally.

Erin Thomson

Judith Pineault has without question been a pivotal member of Scott’s Automotive’s extended team of advisors during a time when nothing has been predictable or stable. Judith’s knowledge about financial forecasting and positioning your business for sale and success is vast and accessible. I had the pleasure of taking Judith’s Know Your Numbers training through the WE-CAN’s PropelHER program. Following that session, we had the great honor of working with Judith weekly to create a sustainable and robust business plan for now and the future. Her kindness, intelligence, creativity, and wisdom have inspired all of us on our team to level up. I now advise every businessperson I talk with to reach out to Judith Pineault – your business will simply be better prepared for whatever lies ahead with her on your team.

Scott’s Automotive – Antique Restoration + Auto Garage