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Judith Pineault Consulting specializes in helping you achieve your business goals. With 30+ years’ experience as an entrepreneur, I have seen just about everything that can go right or wrong, from operations to selling a business in Canada. I partner with Entrepreneurs and Management Teams, Economic Development Agencies and Innovation Accelerators to Elevate + Execute + Excel!

Business Consulting That Drives Meaningful Results

Judith Pineault Consulting

Monetize your passion: Maximizing value for exiting entrepreneurs!

In the next decade 76% of private firms will change hands. Some of these transitions will be highly successful! Some will not. Make sure your transition maximizes worth and includes your principles and legacy. I successfully sold my business in 2019, and have since helped over 20 firms navigate this complex transition. Book an appoint to discuss your situation, and the important details your Accountant and Lawyer do not explain!

Business Consulting Services for Eastern Ontario

One-on-One Mentoring

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint-hearted; from dizzying highs to gut-wrenching lows, I support you to discover the best solutions, strategies, and what you need to know when selling your business.

ISO 9001-2015

A robust Quality Management System (QMS) delivers for more than checking a box on an RFP. At best, it creates a roadmap for growth, productivity and customer satisfaction. ISO 9001-2015 shows the world that you are serious about excellence.

Business 360° Evaluation + Strategy

We review the critical elements of the current state of your business and plan for the future state. Product viability, go-to-market strategy, fulfillment processes and financial sustainability, aim to transform your business and reach new levels of excellence and achievement.

Critical Stage Strategies

You could be pre-revenue looking for funding and strategy, post-revenue scale-up, maybe you have plateaued and need help to pivot, need strategies for selling your business, or explore exporting or consider acquisition or business ownership transfer. Owner fatigue is real, but an objective supporter can help find clarity and new enthusiasm!

Business Skills Improvement

Perhaps you need to refresh or create a new business development strategy, including digital marketing, e-commerce or new revenue streams. Maybe improve your financial literacy and learn how to read the numbers in your business to create better outcomes. Maybe your team has grown and needs to be more process-driven (and less dependent on you). Or perhaps you’re ready to move on and need help selling your business. We can create a program to fill the gaps.

Complimentary Discovery Meeting

I invite you to reach out and chat. Together we can discover the upside of working together and establish a timeframe and program that suits your needs – looking forward to learning all about your enterprise!

Judith Pineault Consulting

Start Working on Your Business & Stop Working in Your Business

Consulting Businesses Across Canada

I am located in Kingston Ontario but work with businesses and business owners across the country. Thanks to zoom and other video conferencing software, no matter your location, we can work together. My main service areas include: